Thursday, June 11, 2009


Submitted by Richard Palmer

Lyons Advertiser
July 9,1823

Erie Canal
The Albany Daily Advertiser states that the navigation of the Western Canal is now open
from Schenectady to Rochester, a distance of 200 miles. On Thursday the water was let in,
to a moderate depth, as far down as Schenectady, and a light boat came thro from the
west to this city. It is reserved as a joyous ceremony and a source of felicitation on the
approaching anniversary, to let in the water to the usual depth of four feet, when loaded
boats are expected to arrive from the west.

In two years at farthest from this time the whole line of the Great Western Canal will be
completed from Buffalo to Albany; and on the 4th July, 1825, the interesting ceremony
of celebrating the junction, or as the late Mr. Granger used to say, the nuptials of
Lake Erie and the Hudson, will take place. On that day, which will be the proudest
in our annals, the banks of the Canal will be lined with cannon, and , covered with
an immense multitude, when a grand feu de joie will be fired, and the shouts of
spectators ring from the River to the Lake.- (Statesman)

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