Sunday, December 10, 2017

From Dianne Smiluske - Reply to Sender D.S.

Subject:  Would like to purchase a pictures suitable for framing of Lehigh valley train station in canastota,New York 13212 in the days of its stoping every day there. No elevated tracks then so all traffic stoped . I watched from school bus as we waited for it to load and unload whatever for that day . Really would like a picture of the turntable there too as I helped shovel it out by hand after a major snowstorm filled it completely . Got 4 $ an hour for two days shoveling . That was very , very good money in those days . Our neighbor ran the freight depot and got me the job. My parents had sand and gravel bed and provided the base materials for the elevated tracks when they replaced the regular tracks . Time period would be mid 1950 until the station closed. Watched nearly every day the school bus and all traffic had to wait for them. Hope you have some ideas. Thank you for your time wether you can assist or not. Sincerely, James Smileuske and dianne Smileuske : momob41@
From:  "Dianne Smileuske"
Date:  Sun, December 10, 2017 12:20 pm