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Eastern/Central 1832-1837

Eastern / Central New York State Timeline - 1832-1837

Jan 16
John Sheldon, son of Buffalo's Orchard park neighborhood 's first settler (1805) Joseph Sheldon, is buried in the area, the first "resident" of the Sheldon Cemetery.    

Feb 10
Genesee County's Town of Darien is formed from the Town of Pembroke.   
Mendon, New York, farmer, shoemaker, printer and publisher John Portineus Greene is baptized into the Mormon Church, and ordained by leader Eleazer Miller shortly afterwards.
Apr 11
In an Ithaca Chronicle story on the Niagara County election returns the paper uses the term "Scalawag", the first recorded instance of its use.
Apr 24
The State legislature approves the charter of the New York & Erie Railroad, specifying that the western end of the line must be at Lake Erie.
Apr 26
Potter, New York, is founded outside of Canandaigua.
Performing Siamese Twins Chang and Eng, managed until now by Captain Abel and his wife, but having previously delayed their independence, appear in Buffalo for the first time as self-employed performers.
Cholera victims begin arriving in Rochester via the Erie Canal, beginning an epidemic. 
Jul 4
Siamese twins Chang and Eng appear in front of 650 people in Auburn.    
Jul 9
Brockport's fire company No. 1 is organized, with 34 members.
Jul 16
Buffalo sees its first reported case of cholera, an Irish laborer, who dies within eight hours of his seizure.
Jul 17
Another two cases and one death are reported in Buffalo.
By the middle of the month another 250 cases have been reported in Buffalo, with 120 deaths. Meanwhile the threat has faded from the New York City area. The use of fruits and vegetables however is still strictly controlled.
Sep 11
Rochester, NY, Civil War colonel Nathan Patchen (N.P.) Pond, secretary and treasurer of the Rochester Printing Company, is born in Brockport, NY, to Levi Pond and his wife Clarissa Patchen Pond.
Mormon John Portineus Greene, having recently organized a branch at Warsaw in Genesse County moves to Kirtland, Ohio.
Dec 15
Civil engineer and architect Gustav Bönickhausen/Eiffel is born in Dijon, France, to Alexandre Eiffel and his wife Catherine Melainie Mpneuse Eiffel.    [Eurengnrtectbrt]

Batavia, NY
The Anti-Masons hold their first political party convention here. In the general the party will only carry the state of Vermont.

Buffalo NY
The city, incorporated this year, has  population of 10,119. Ebenezer Johnson is elected mayor.   **    The cholera epidemic causes the Old St. Louis Cemetery to be abandoned and a new one opened.    **    Local lawyer Millard Fillmore is elected to the U.S. Congress.

Geneva, NY
The city takes over the Washington Street Cemetery, founded in 1827 by Dr. Verne Marshall.

Rochester, NY
Monroe County jail is built.    **    Connecticut-born orphan (1799) Austin Church founds a factory here to substitute bi-carbonate of soda, marketed as Baking Soda.    **    English-born shepherd and farm-hand Thomas Parsons arrive here via Wheatland, NY. He will go on to become a lumber mill operator on the Genesee River near the falls.    

Scottsville, NY
Pierrepont Lacey - who will appear as a young boy in Milton W. Hopkins' painting "Pierrepont Edward Lacey and His Dog Gun" - is born here.

Syracuse University is founded.

New York State
Pittsford pioneer Simon Stone dies at the age of 68.    **    Farmers in the town of Freedom note oil seeping into a pit being dug seeking coal.    **    Lockport postmaster and Lockport Bank president Leis Eaton begins serving as a member of the New York Bank Commission, holds the post until 1838.    **    Darien is founded.    **    Deacon Samuel Warren begins producing sacramental wines at his winery in York, NY.    **    The Ithaca and Owego Railroad is competed, connecting Ithaca with the Susquehanna River.    **    The Elizabeth Cady Stanton home is built in Seneca Falls.    **    Surveyor, politician, teacher, and War of 1812 general Micah Brooks settles in the Geneesee River area near St. Helena. The site will be named Brooks Grove in his honor.    **    This year or next the Baptist Association of Western New York resolves to establish a college at some point west of Rochester. It will end up being in Brockport.    **    The approximate date the Methodist Church at Pike is built.    **    Baptists, including those in New York and Connecticut, separate into two factions - The Pimitaive or Old School, and the Missionary (New School) factions.

Prussia, NY
The approximate date New York architect Paul F. Schoen is born.

Mar 17
Rochester, NY, architect Andrew Jackson/A.J. Warner is born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Apr 15
New York's Allegany County Town of West Almond is formed from Angelica, Almond and Alfred.

Aug 11
Lawyer, Civil War commander and orator Robert Green "Bob" Ingersoll is born in Dresden, New York, to radical-thinking Congregationalist preacher John Ingersoll and his wife.

New York State
Western New York architect Andrew Jackson Warner is born in Connecticut.    **     The Crooked Lake Canal, ready for navigation, opens, creating access to New York City, Albany and Oswego, via the state's canal system.    **    The daily newspaper The Balance is first published in Rochester. In future years it will become The Daily Democrat and still later merging with the local paper becoming the Gannett newspaper The Democrat & Chronicle. in 1928.

Mar 9
Naturalist, geologist and museum founder Henry Augustus Ward is born in Rochester, NY, to Henry Meigs Ward and his wife Eliza Chapin Ward.

Apr 30
New York State canal commissioners agree to survey the Genesee Valley Canal route, also a side cut between Mount Morris and Dansville.

Buffalo, NY,  businessman William Austin Hart offers fruit trees for sale by "Hart's Nursery.

Dec 3
Geographer and U.S. Surveyor General Simeon De Witt, a native of New York State, dies in Ithaca, NY, at the age of 77, of  severe cold suffered after a lengthy illness. He will be buried on his estate but later his remains will be removed to Albany's Rural Cemetery.

New York State
Henry DeCamp is born in Steuben County to David and Luenna Houck De Camp. During his life he will spend many decades building a stone wall on his DeCamp Road farm. A hundred years later flood waters running over it in two places do no damage.



Jan 7
New York's Baptist Church of Sweden and Bergen is organized in the West Sweden school-house by delegates from Baptist churches in Brockport, Byron, Holley, Sweden, Ogden, Le Roy, and Parma, with the Reverend D. Eldridge moderating and the Reverend  Mr. Crane of Le Roy preaching the sermon.

Mar 2
The results of engineer Frederick C. Mills survey of a Genesee Valley Canal route in New York State are published.

Apr 30
New York State canal commissioners agree to survey the Genesee Valley Canal route, also a side cut between Mount Morris and Dansville.   

May 11
The state authorizes the enlargement of the Erie Canal. The canal has reduced travel time from here to NYC down to 6 days, with freight costs of $5 a ton; instead of the $100 and 20 day trek across the state by wagon.    **    The Allegany County Town of Clarksville is formed from the Town of Cuba.

New York State
Virginia-born U.S. Representative Robert S. Rose dies in Waterloo, at the age of 61.    **     Morrisville's Madison Observer newspaper begins publication.    [nysmdabsn]    **    The Methodist Episcopal Church of West Sweden is founded by the efforts of Brockport's Reverend S. M. Chace.

Rochester, NY
The Charlestown Players arrive and obtain a license for a brief season. They appear at a concert hall on Exchange Street; other theatrical engagements follow.

New York State
Henry DeCamp is born in Steuben County to David and Luenna Houck De Camp. During his life he will spend many decades building a stone wall on his DeCamp Road farm. A hundred years later flood waters running over it in two places did no damage.

Bissell Humphry's tavern off Court Street is destroyed by fire.    

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Parish - the second Roman Catholic Parish after St. Patrick's - is created.

May 6
The New York state legislature passes the Chapter 257 Act, authoring the construction of a Genesee Valley Canal.

Jul 1
Reports indicate the Erie Canal has now made back its cost of $7 million. Tolls, however, will continue to be charged until 1882.

Jul 21
Teacher and lawyer Thomas Hulburt is born in Pittsford to Lewis Hulburt of Monroe County and his wife Roxanna Roberts from Allegheny County.    

New York State
The Rochester and Auburn railroad opens, passing through Pittsford.    **     In the Spring William Henry Burke/Henry Hall of the middle eastern shore of Seneca Lake falls and breaks his leg. Failing to seek medical help he dies of blood poisoning a short while later. It's later learned he had been treasurer of London's Drury Lane Theatre and had embezzled theater funds, fled to America and begun using the alias Henry Hall.

Rochester, NY
Tompkins Financial Corporation, a financial services holding company, is founded.  


Jan 21 (some sources say February 11)
Seneca Falls, NY,  mill owner and amateur historian Harrison Chamberlain is born there to Jacob Payson Chamberlain and his wife Catherine Kuney/Kuner.

Feb 28
A group of Rochester, NY, women meet at the home of Mrs. William Atkinson to form the Rochester Female Association for the Relief of Orphans and Destitute Children (later the Rochester Orphan Asylum).

The Rochester Female Association for the Relief of Orphans and Destitute Children opens, run by a Board of Lady Managers and a male Board of Trustees.    
Mar 30
Rochester, NY, tobacco manufacturer William Smith Kimball is born in Boscawen, New Hampshire, to William H. Campbell and his wife.    [nysNHbsnagrbrtneng]

Genesee Valley Canal contracts are let for the first division, leading to the rapids, and a dam across the Genesee at that point.

The Stock Market Panic of 1837.    [bsndst]

Illinois' non-sectarian, coeducational Knox College, opened by Congregationlists and Presbyterians in Galesburg, is chartered.    [edcgvtrelmdw]

New York State
Quarrying has become a commercialized industry in Albion.    **    The railroad comes to the Town of Batavia from Rochester.    **    A religious revival takes place east of St. Helena, at the corner of Oak Hill and River Road Forks. Sixty people are baptized in the Genesee River.    **    Quaker Slocum Howland opens the Howland Stone Store in the Finger Lakes hamlet of Sherwood. In later years he will become a major supporter of the Underground Railroad of Cayuga County.

Rochester, NY
A theatrical troupe from Buffalo arrives to establish a branch theater. The attempt fails.    **    Black merchant Austin Steward returns penniless from Ontario, Canada, where he'd gone seven years previously to start a Colony for fellow blacks at Wilberforce. Friends will set him up in business again.    **    Connecticut politician Myron Holley moves here from New York's Ontario County, where he had owned the Old Stone Warehouse, built on speculation in 1822, but which will end up a failure.    **    The Female Orphan Society opens one of the first orphanages in the state.

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