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Western / Central New York State timeline - 1833


Jan 1

Sidney Smith begins publishing Rochester's Evening Advertiser.

He will soon turn it into a morning newspaper to distinguish it

from the afternoon rival newspaper the Daily Advertiser.

Jan 7

Rochester dentist and machine gun inventor Josephus Requa is

born in Ulster County to Charity Middagh and prominent

physician James Jacskson Requa.

Feb 23

New York State's Canal Commission authorizes a Chenango

Canal to connect the Susquehanna River at Binghamton with

the Erie Canal at Utica. John B. Jervis will be hired to supervise 



Connewango pioneer James Blanchard dies.

Mar 20

The Cayuga County Town of Niles is formed from Sempronius.

Apr 5

The Allegany County town of West Almond is formed from the

towns of Alfred, Almond and Angelica.

Jun 19

An announcement is posted in the Oswego Palladium for a sale

of property, primarily the Ship and Ship-House at Storrs (near

Sackets Harbor). The sale will b held at he house of P. Butterfield,

the first Monday of August, and the buyer will be required to

move both structures from the premises, on or before the first 

day of November. Other naval equipment will be auctioned.


The New York and Erie Railroad is organized.

Jul 4

Horatio Gates Spafford's widow Elizabeth Clarke Hewitt receives

the parent on his compressed air engine.

Aug 1

A strike of journeymen shoemakers in Geneva is settled, with

the artisans gaining wage increases.

Aug 14

Stock subscriptions of $500,000 are solicited for New York State's

Rochester & Tonawanda Railroad Company.

Sep 19

Mary Jemison, White Woman of the Genesee, dies at Buffalo

Creek Reservation, in her rely nineties.

New York State

U.S. senator William L. Marcy is elected governor    **    Warren

Huff of Qu├ębec, Canada, settles the Allegany County village of 

Alma.    **    The Chemung Canal is completed.    **    Geneva

lawyer Charles Butler visits the Toledo and Chicago areas, makes

real estate investments there.    **    Henry Imman paints a picture

of Erasmus Corning, Jr.    **    The Reverend William Arthur

moves to Perry along with his family, including three-year-old 

Chester Alan Arthur, future U.S. resident. They live in Perry for

the next four years.    **    East Bloomfield Township is established.

**        Winslow Pratt, son of Eagle Harbor settler Nehemiah Pratt,

settle on Ridge Road.    **    The Baptist Church in Chester moves to 

Canandaigua.    **    Stephen White, president of the East Boston

Timber Company, arrive at Tonawanda Island to select a homesite.

Auburn NY

A stone jail is erected in the rear of the courthouse.    **    A state

investigative team tours the women's quarters of the prison, is

appalled at conditions.

Buffalo, NY

An extension to South Pier is made and the "Chinaman" Lighthouse

is erected on it.    **    A total of 61,485 passengers pass through

the harbor, 42,956 of them board lake vessels heading west.    **    

The approximate date twenty-year-old New Hampshire

transplant Gibson T. Williams arrives from St. Albans, Vermont,

gets a job as a clerk in the Kimberly & Waters grocery storm, 

at $5 a week.

Rochester, NY

Church sextons are fined if they fail to ring church bells during fires.

    **    The Rochester Canal & Railway Company blocks a scheme

to build a rival rail line between Rochester and Charlotte, along

the west side of the Genesee Rivr.    **    The three-mile Carthage

Railroad is founded, to connect the Erie Canal aqueduct in the city

with the village of Carthage.    **    Edwin Scrantom sells the 

Monroe Republican  and enters the mercantile business with Levi 

W. Sibley, his brother-in-law.    **    The Reverend Jedediah

Burchard holds revival meetings in town.    **    The Daily

Democrat begins publication.

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On July 19 & 20, the Genesee Country Village & Museum at 1410 Flint Hill Road in Mumford hosts a Civil War Reenactment commemorating the battles that took place in 1864, exactly 150 years ago.  Military camps will be open, with two battles taking place each day as villagers offer concerts and depict civilian life during the war.  Call (585) 538-6822; or visit