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Mendon famer, shoemaker, printer and publisher John 

Portineus Greene is baptized into the Mormon Church, and 

ordained by leader Eleazer Miller shortly afterwards.   

Apr 11

In an Ithaca Chronicle story on the Niagara County election 

returns the paper uses the term "Scalawag", the first recorded 

instance of its use.

Apr 24

The State legislature approves the charter of the New York & 

Erie Railroad, specifying that the western end of the line must 

be at Lake Erie.


Performing Siamese Twins Chang and Eng, managed until 

now by Captain Abel and his wife, but having previously 

delayed their independence, appear in Buffalo for the first 

time as self-employed performers.


Cholera victims begin arriving in Rochester via the  Erie 

Canal, beginning an epidemic.

Jul 4

Chang and Eng appear in front of 650 people in Auburn.

Jul 16

Buffalo sees its first reported case of cholera, an Irish laborer, 

who dies within eight hours of his seizure.

Jul 17

Another two cases and one death are reported in Buffalo.


By the middle of the month another 250 cases have been 

reported, with 120 deaths.


Mormon John Portineus Greene, having recently organized  

branch of the church at Warsaw, in Genesee County, moves 

to Kirtland, Ohio.


The Anti-Masons hold their first political party convention 

here. In the general the party will only carry the state of 



The city has  population of 10,119.    **    The cholera epidemic 

causes the Old St. Louis Cemetery to be abandoned and a 

new one opened.    **    Lawyer Millard Fillmore is elected to 

the U.S. Congress.    **    Ebenezer Johnson is elected mayor.


The city takes over the Washington Street Cemetery, founded 

in 1827 by Dr. Verne Marshall.


Monroe County jail is built.    **    Connecticut-born orphan 

(1799) Austin Church founds a factory here to manufacture 

bi-carbonate of soda, marketed as Baking Soda.


Pierrepont Lacey - who will appear as a young boy in Milton 

W. Hopkins' painting "Pierrepont Edward Lacey and His Dog 

Gun", is born here.

Syracuse University is founded.

New York State

Pittsford pioneer Simon Stone dies at the age of 68.    **    

Farmers in the town of Freedom note oil seeping into a pit 

being dug for seeking coal.    **    Lockport postmaster and 

Lockport Bank president Leis Eaton begins serving as a 

member of the New York Bank Commission, holds the post 

until 1838.    **    Darien is founded.    **    Deacon Samuel 

Warren begins producing sacramental wines at his winery in 

York, NY.    **    The Ithaca and Owego Railroad is competed, 

connecting Ithaca with the Susquehanna River.    **    The 

Elizabeth Cady Stanton home is built in Seneca Falls.

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