Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Fabius Historical Society

The Fabius Historical Society will meet on Monday June  3 at the Fabius Community Center at 7 pm.  Some of you noticed at the  Memorial Day open house that we had a display of pictures of area women who have  served in the military.  We are continuing that theme as Rene Kather and  Rosemary Hanson come to tell us their experiences, very different experiences in  military service.

Rene was a US Navy Hospital Corpsman 1st class in the  1950s. Rosemary enlisted in 2000 and served as a light wheeled vehicle  mechanic.  Her  "baby" was  a 5 ton wrecker used to recover broken or  stuck vehicles.  She drove many convoys between Kuwait and Baghdad.   Come and enjoy the stories.  

Refreshments are served.  Everyone is  welcome.

The good times just keep coming.  On June 11 at 7  pm at the Apulia Station Fire barn, we once again  host the Lafayette Band  under the direction of Norman Wanzer.  Please bring your own lawn chair for  this free concert.  If you can't help yourself and you must have ice cream  we have sundaes for sale.  

Chuck Kutscher
Program Chair 683-9480
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