Monday, March 25, 2013


Sandra Brown is the author of an article on the Wixam/Wixon family, which was published in the Crooked Lake Review in June 1995.  I am trying to reach her or anyone who may be connected with the Wixam/Wixom family.

I am trying to contact anyone in the Wixam/Wixon families in search of a lost heirloom.  My query follows.

Lost, possibly sold on eBay, one tarnished silver spoon from Wixam/Wixon family.

About 2001-2003, I placed a family heirloom into the drawer of a roll-top desk in a home where I was renting.  When I prepared to move, I could not find this item, and I believe the home owner's sister may have sold this on eBay.  I asked, but no one has ever acknowledged this priceless family treasure.  This sister sold many of her family's heirlooms out of that home, and I believe she sold mine also.  No one remembers my heirloom, and the sister has now passed on.

Has anyone purchased a silver spoon with an engraved handle.  The name "Wixon" engraved in script looks like "Wiscon" because the X has open loops.  The bowl of the spoon was dented in many places.  This is a small spoon, more the size of a sugar spoon or a child's spoon.  My great-grandmother, who was born in 1823, was the owner of this spoon.  My mother, who has Alzheimers, handed it down to me, and I placed it carefully in the drawer of that roll-top desk so that it would be safe.  I searched everywhere when I moved, and I have continuously searched through my belongings.  Everything that I own has now been removed from storage, and yet there is no sign of that spoon.  I would like to purchase it back from the buyer, or I would at least like a photograph of it for my family's sake. and I'd like to know where it now resides.  This is all that we had from our Wixon family of Tyrone, NY.

I pray that the current owner of this small silver spoon will at least contact me to verify that the spoon still exists and has not been destroyed. 


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