Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Uphill Challenge to Benefit Hospice

Looking for a challenge? Want to help out a very worthy organization? Then the Uphill Challenge is for you! How many trips up and down the hill can you and a partner complete in one hour? Let's find out and have fun doing it!

The idea for this event has been in my head for many years and I finally decided to do something about it. Back in 2005 I had participated in a 10K trail run that was put on by Hospice and was held at Letchworth State Park. Before that event I was aware of Hospice but didn't really have any connection personally. The following year I was asked to sit on the committee to help with the event, which I gladly did. Due to an injury I was not able to race but still helped out on race day. Unfortunately, due to low registration numbers and money being allocated to other events, this was the last year for the event. My eyes were opened to the caring work that is done by this organization and it stuck with me.

Fast forward now to November of 2011. It was during that month that both my father and my grandmother were diagnosed with Cancer. For them, and the rest of our family, things went downhill very quickly. My grandmother passed away in early December and my father died a few days before Christmas. 

I finally thought to do something about this idea that I had and could't think of any reason to not try for it. I was able to first get Polarwave Snowtubing on board with donating the hill for the day and then took my idea to Homecare Hospice. They were excited for the potential of this event and decided to pursue it further. We hope to have official board approval later in April so we can really start to publicize the event.

For those that know me, they know that I possess a strong passion for athletics, competition, and having fun along the way. Throw in a benefit for a worthy cause and you have a win-win all around! That is what we hope to have come July ... a little exercise, a little competition, and a whole lot of fun!

For those people that are nearing the end of their lives, and their families, Homecare/Hospice is excellent place to turn for advice, insight, and care. This event will be used to both raise money and raise awareness about the need for this type of organization. All monies raised/donated will benefit the Genesee Homecare Hospice.

Feel free to contact me with any registration questions or ways you can donate or volunteer. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Nate Charvella

More info:

The Uphill Challenge to benefit Hospice is coming this summer, Saturday July 21st at 10 am, to the Polarwave Snowtubing Park in Batavia, NY.

This event will require each team to complete as many trips up and down the hill as possible within the one-hour time limit. Teams will consist of two members and the race format will be like a standard relay. Only one person will be able to run at a time. All team members may rest at any time, but, the more you rest the less time available to complete trips. What will your strategy be?

Online registration is going to take a little longer than originally thought, HOWEVER, you can NOW download a race application from here.....http://buffalorunners.com/calendar_2012.htm#JUL

Donate $5 to the Uphill Challenge to Benefit Hospice and get a course flag to decorate in memory of a loved one : )
Memorial flags can be purchased for a donation of $5 or more. You can decorate it yourself or one of our volunteers can do it for you. These flags will be used to line the course and will provide a great inspiration to all participants and nice way to honor your loved ones.

Little Miss Mila will be decorating one for her Grandpa Skip.

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