Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strong Doll Museum Query

 I recall as a young girl, and extreme love, nearly an obsession with doll houses and dolls.  I recall that on several occasions we visited the Margaret Woodbury Strong Doll Museum in the home at 700 Allens Creek Road.  I must have been quite young, 5 in 1962, perhaps even prior to that.  I recall a fascination with the doll houses at the Strong Estate on Allens Creek Road and the dolls as well.  Seems I recall visiting with family visiting Rochester. 

Do you recall the fact that the Strong Estate at 700 Allens Creek Road was open to the public for visitation as a doll museum?  Any idea what years?  The article in CLR does not mention that this was a public museum at one time.  I wanted to verify the information for myself, since I can't seem to find it online.

I'm very interested in local history, especially the Erie Canal, local historical women of note, and the Finger Lakes. 

Thanks so much.

Mrs. Sue (Vetter) Wemett, Greece, NY

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