Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Received form Peggy Butler. You can send any replies to me at
and I'll pass them along.
Hi. We moved to Mendon Ponds Park roughly five years
ago. Our house backs up on three of four sides. I've
tried and have somewhat succeeded in finding as much
information as possible on the park. I've hit the
libraries and received basic stuff. However, when I
discovered your articles (Crooked Lakes) especially
the ones by John G. Sherry - it was such a great day
for me. The articles are extremely rich and provide
scores of information on Mendon Ponds Park. Can you
recommend any books and/or articles on the subject?
Any library better than another on Mendon Ponds Park?
Any museums better than another? Finally besides John
Sheret's articles, any other author(s) would you
recommend from Crooked Lake whose focus is Mendon
Ponds Park?
 Peggy Butler

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