Friday, January 20, 2012


Thought I’d explain a little about the material that goes into the timelines I post.

The information comes from such a wide and varied number of sources – everything from old reference books and online sites to current articles in magazines to an article from NY History magazine from 1933, or French’s New York State Gazetteer of the 1860s – it would be impossible to trace all data back to its sources. This would take far more time than putting out new information.

The wonderful thing about the blog format is, as I add new material or make corrections to information already posted, I can go back in and make the changes. The same goes for incorrect information that a blog visitor calls to my attention; it can also be easily corrected. So I welcome any feedback or corrections. If you can cite a source, especially an on-line one, it would be of extra help.

On one other subject – This is your blog, not mine. If you have an article to submit I’d like to get it into the blog. This also applies to any news of upcoming meetings, lectures, etc. applying to Eastern and Central New York. It would be of help to receive such items at least five days before the event is scheduled.


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