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Jan 14
Pittsford pioneer Colonel Caleb Hopkins, who gave the Village and Town its name (after his Vermont home town) dies at the age of 47.

Jan 17
The Reverend Comfort Williams of Ogdensburg, newly arrived in Rochesterville, is installed as the city's first pastor, for the Presbyterian Society.

Mar 6
The Orleans County town of Shelby is formed from Ridgeway. ** The Wyoming County town of Bennington is formed from Sheldon. ** Rochester bridge builder Thomas Leighton is born.

Mar 13
The Monroe County Town of Rush is formed from Avon.

Mar 19
The New York State legislature declares the Genesee River a ‘public highway’.

Mar 27
The Monroe County Town of Henrietta is formed from the Town of Pittsford.

Buffalo's Niagara Journal begin intermittently running an ad of a tavern for sale, recently owned by Gaius Kibbe.

Apr 4
The Steuben County town of Troupsburgh annexes part of the town of Canisteo. ** The first steamboat on the Great Lakes, Walk-in-the-Water, is launched in Buffalo.

Apr 10
The Niagara County town of Wilson is formed from Porter. ** The Erie County town of Amherst is taken off of Buffalo. ** The Cattaraugus County town of Little Valley is taken off the town of Perry (now Perrysburg).

Apr 15
The Erie County towns of Holland and Wales are established.

Apr 18

The Great Lakes shipping season for the Genesee River opens. In the next four months 1158 bushels of pearl ash and 120,000 barrel staves are shipped out for export. The total value of the shipments for the season will reach $300,000.

Apr 20
The Oswego County town of Oswego is formed from Hannibal.

Apr 21
The New York State Library is founded, located in the upper stories of the Capitol.

May 12
Engineer Josiah Wolcott Bissell is born in Rochester.

May 27
Suffragette Amelia Jenks Jenks Bloomer is born in Homer.

Jun 14
The first loaded boat, with its 16-ton cargo – from Schenectady - passes through the newly completed locks of the Seneca and Cayuga Canal at Seneca Falls, New York. The toll is 50 cents. ** Rochester businessman Daniel Powers is born in Batavia.

Jul 10
Contractor Josiah Olcott signs a contract to build Erie Canal Section 40, east of the Nine Mile Aqueduct, with the exception of the embankment in the immediate vicinity of the aqueduct, which William Melville undertakes. Henry Bogardus and Andrew and William Thompson contract for Section 41, west of the crossing. Benjamin Gumaer contracts for Section 50 and part of 51, to the west of Skaneateles Outlet.

Jul 15
Genesee Valley Canal surveyor and minister William Newell Cobb is born in McLean, New York, to William and Achsah Bradley Cobb.

Aug 23
Walk-in-the-Water, leaves Buffalo on its maiden voyage, stopping at Dunkirk, and continuing on to Cleveland and Detroit.

Rochesterville bookkeeper Charles J. Hill leaves Bissell & Ely to go into the mercantile business with partner A. V. T. Leavitt.

Nov 21
Pioneering anthropologist-ethnologist Lewis Henry Morgan is born near Aurora, to farmer Jedediah Morgan and his wife Harriet Steele Morgan.

Nov 23
Rochester seeds merchant James Vick is born in Portsmouth, England.

Dec 19
The congregation of the Delphi Baptist Church, in Delphi Falls, votes to elect its first minister.

The first printing press in Cattaraugus County. ** Governor De Witt Clinton buys 1,000 acres at Chadwick's Bay (Dunkirk), lays out a town. The name is changed to Garnsey's Bay after the land agent for the purchase Daniel G. Garnsey. ** The first locks on the Seneca Canal are opened, bypassing the falls of the Seneca River. ** The approximate date Josephus Bradner Stuart begins steamboat service on lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan. ** Connewango settlers Cyrus Childs and Lyman Wyllys arrive from Massachusetts. James Blanchard and his wife Eunice, Daniel Grover, and David Davidson arrive from Vermont, Remus Baldwin arrives from Caledonia, New York. Brothers Nicholas and Thomas Northrup arrive from Stephentown. ** Each county is made a separate legal district with its own District Attorney. ** Joseph Ellicott reports to his superiors at the Holland Land Company that all of their best land has been sold. ** Marlborough, Connecticut, schoolteacher Epaphroditus Bigelow, his wife Sarah and infant son Orimel move to Geneseo; 330 miles in eighteen days. ** Five businesses open in Le Roy between South Street and the Public Square. ** Sylvester Hosmer replaces his log tavern near Avon with a two-story frame structure, which will one day become part of the Genesee Country Museum. ** Erie Canal contracts are signed for raising the Onondaga County summit level between Nine Mile Creek and Jordan, avoiding swamp areas. ** Holland Land Office official David E. Evans is elected to the state senate as a Clintonian Republican. ** Nehemiah Pratt settles in Eagle Harbor in what will become Orleans County. ** John Eddy makes a map of the state. ** Governor Clinton vetoes a bill backed by Martin Van Buren and Tammany Hall for a state constitutional convention, an attempt to extend the franchise. ** Bela Coe builds a hotel in Canandaigua - Coe's Stage House. ** Charles A. Williamson, son of the late land agent Charles Williamson, dies of cholera. ** Peter Porter constructs a second Niagara River bridge to Bath (later Green) Island. ** Medina-area settlers begin using water from the falls of Oak Orchard Creek for powering mills. ** A south wing is added to Auburn Prison. ** A farmer named Pardee erects a two-story building along the future Erie Canal route in Bushnell’s Basin. It will one day become the Richardson’s Canal House restaurant. ** Farmer Barnett Maxfield, along with his wife Hannah and son Andrew, travel west from Herkimer, settle in Pittsford on South Arab (later Clover) Street. ** Future state representative to Congress Frederick Whittlesey graduates from Yale.

Construction begins on the city's South Pier, into Lake Erie. ** William Peacock makes the first complete survey of the harbor. ** The approximate date the Weed Hardware Company opens a store at 292-296 Main Street.

The approximate date Abner Bunnell’s Congregational Church is built. ** A Methodist chapel is completed, on Chapel Street. ** Oliver Phelps and Company begin a stage line between here and Newburgh, crossing the Catskills to the Hudson River.

Nathaniel Rochester moves to Rochesterville from West Bloomfield, settles at the corner of Exchange and Spring streets. ** Construction begins to the east, to carry the Erie Canal through the city's Irondequoit Valley. ** Abelard Reynolds holds the first Methodist services in the city. He is named alderman of the first ward ** Band musicians become too drunk to rehearse. ** The town exports 26,000 barrels of flour, as well as other goods, totaling $380,000. ** Saint Luke's Episcopal Church is formed. ** The Baptists begin meeting, informally. ** Charles Harford's grist mill is destroyed by fire. The Phoenix Mill is erected on its foundations. ** Population reaches 1,049. ** Storekeeper Jonathan Child marries Sophia Eliza Rochester, daughter of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester. ** Azel Ensworth builds a two-story tavern at the Four Corners (Main and State). ** The first Sunday School is formed.

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