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Jan 27

The Monroe County Town of Ogden is formed from the Town of Parma.

Jan 28

Outgoing governor Daniel D. Tompkins, recently elected U.S. vice-president, sends a message to the state legislature recommending that a date be fixed for the abolition of slavery within the state. In an election to replace Tompkins as governor De Witt Clinton will defeat Buffalo’s Peter Buell Porter.


Publisher Horatio G. Spafford puts out the 12th and final edition of his American Magazine - a monthly miscellany.


New York State's Bank of Geneva (today's National Bank of Geneva) is chartered.

Mar 19

Naturalist and fish expert Seth Green is born in Carthage (later part of Rochester).

Mar 21

The village of Rochesterville is taken off the towns of Brighton and Gates and incorporated, acquiring a charter. It has a population of 500.

Apr 5

The Niagara County town of Royalton is formed from Hartland.

Apr 7

Tompkins County is formed from Cayuga and Seneca counties. The county courthouse is fixed at Ithaca.

Apr 15

The state legislature authorizes construction of the Erie Canal, after Federal backing is denied.

May 5

Rochesterville holds its first village elections. Francis Brown is elected mayor of the newly incorporated village, which now includes the annexed Frankfort. Also picked are five Trustees, three Assessors, a Treasurer, a Comptroller, a Constable, three Fire-wardens and a Pound-keeper. The office of mayor is merely that of president of the Board of Trustees.


Upper Canada widow Hester Hill seeks someone to prepare a letter to her son Jasper, in


Jul 1

After defeating Buffalo businessman Peter B. Porter for the state's Republican

gubernatorial nomination, New York City mayor De Witt Clinton, running on a pro-

canal plan, is elected.

Jul 14

Rochesterville's St. Luke's parish is organized in the nearby village of Brighton.

Sep 23

Painter Phineas Stanton is born to farmer and War of 1812 veteran Phineas Stanton and his wife, in Middlebury.


Population: Ontario County - 42,032. ** The first printing press in Chataugue (sic), Livingston and Yates counties. Hezekiah Ripley begins publishing the Advertiser and Genesee Farmer, at Livingston County’s Moscow. ** A shipping dock is built three miles from the mouth of the Genesee River, followed by a wooden arch bridge - the longest in the world - across the river's gorge. The new settlement is called Carthage. The steamboat Ontario out of Sackets Harbor is the first to arrive at the landing. ** 5,000 bushels of flour are shipped out of the Genesee River to MontrĂ©al during the last three months of the season. ** Port Gibson, in the future Wayne County, is settled. ** Colonel Nathaniel Rochester attends a session of the legislature at Albany in an usuccessful attempt to get recognition of Monroe County. This year he is also made secretary of the convention meeting in Canandaigua to consider De Witt Clinton’s canal proposal. ** Batavia banker Trumbull Cary builds a post-colonial house on East Main Street. ** The Wyoming Academy is founded. ** Vermont native James Battles arrives in the Connewango area to settle. ** Seneca County annexes part of Tompkins County. ** Porter constructs a Niagara River bridge to Bath (later Green) Island. It will be swept away during the ensuing winter. ** Alden sawmill owner John Rogers builds the town’s first grist mill. ** A Methodist class is begun in Canadice. ** Mack & Shepherd buy the Ithaca Journal . ** Botany lecturer Amos Eaton publishes A Manual of Botany for the Northern States . The popular work will go into eight editions. ** Rush coal merchant H. H. Babcock is born to Isaac and Elizabeth Wilbur Babcock, in Albany County. ** NY-to-Liverpool packet captain William Henry Stewart saves the life of a passenger, the daughter of merchant George Ragg, when she’s swept overboard. The two marry and settle on land outside of Penn Yan given to them by Ragg. ** Horatio Spafford publishes the pamphlet Hints to Emigrants, on the Choice of Land, under the pseudonym Agricola. ** Moses Rathbun and his son Benjamin, running business enterprises in Monticello and Hartwick Township respectively, go bankrupt. Moses moves his extended family from Otsego to Batavia. ** Canal commisioners authorize a further 25% increase in capitalization for the Cayuga and Seneca Canal Company. ** Engineer Canvass White travels to Europe to study canal construction. ** James Van Horn, his Newfane mill destroyed by the British in the last war, rebuilds his gristmill. He will add a sawmill and begin work on a brick mansion. ** Eleazor and Mary Southworth build a home at the four corners in Elba. ** Canandaigua lawyer John C. Spencer is elected as a representative to the Fifteenth U.S. Congress, as is New York surveyor and Holland Land Office agent Benjamin Ellicott. The state’s canal fund will receive its revenue from auction duties and salt duties. ** Syracuse doctor, lecturer, and theater owner John Weiting is born.

Erie Canal

Chief engineer Judge Benjamin Wright appoints David Stanhope Bates assistant engineer on the middle division. ** The steamboat passenger tax, established this year to help pay for state canals, brings in $19,000 in revenue for the year.


The open boat Troyer brings Buffalo the first flour from the west. ** The Federal government builds a 30-foot lighthouse on Lake Erie near Buffalo Creek.

Le Roy

Orange Ridson creates a map of the Triangle Tract. ** Judge Egbert Benson, Jr. becomes the third land agent for the tract. ** Innkeeper James Ganson purchases additional property, on the Village Green.


The population reaches 700. ** Austin Steward, a black grocer, goes into business. ** Spring floods damage the business section. ** Elisha Johnson and Orson Seymour lay out a subdivision on the east bank of the Genesee River. ** A mill is built on Water Street. ** William Atkinson builds the Yellow Mill, the first to make use of the newly-opened Johnson millrace. ** The approximate date Dr. Matthew Brown and his brother Francis arrive from Brookfield, Massachusetts. Their remodeled cotton factory is destroyed by fire, the community's first large one. They will rebuild on the same site. The village's first volunteer fire company is organized. ** The pamphlet "Constitution and Proceedings of the Charitable Society formed in the Western Counties of State of New York, for the Education of Indigent Pious Young Men for the Gospel Ministry " is printed by A. G. Dauby. ** Matthew Dryer of Massachusetts purchases 81 acres in the Brighton area, including the grist mill of John Tryon. ** The Granville, Massachusetts, family of Ezra Parsons arrive in the Allens Creek area.

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