Thursday, May 26, 2011

Research Help

I had a request from Richard Cooper, one of our readers, asking for information on the Canandaigua Lake steamers of the 1800s. He was also looking for a map of their routes and where they docked.

He and I have checked out the back issues of the pre-blog Crooked Lake Review featuring Dick Palmer’s two pieces from 9/1995 and 10/1995. Also a reference to the Robert J. Verhile paperback (can’t put my hands on my copy right now).

We’ve seen the following website materials:

Preston E. Pierce’s “Historical Tour” of the lake

The Arbor Hill description of the Vierhile book

The Hub Pages’ “Tour of Canandaigua Lake & its history”

The USGenNet’s “History of Ontario County” pages 54-60

The sketchy map at

and The Woodville description at

If anyone has further suggestions for Richard could you please pass them along by adding your “Comment” below this post?

Any help will be appreciated.

David Minor

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Ray Henry said...

I am the historian for the Town of Canandaigua. You should check and select town history tab at the top. I have included a short description of all the commercial steamboats of Canandaigua Lake. Also, a good reference is the book "It Started With A Steamboat" by Steven Harvey, available thru AuthorHouse. Also, an articla by Canandaigua Native James S. Lee, titled "The Story of the Canandaigua Lake Steamboats", published by The Ontario County Times in August, 1922. I have copies of both, and find them to be the most accurate and complete of all the references, including the ones you mentioned. You may email me or call me at 585-944-1906