Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early New York Travel Resumption


Up until the Crooked Lake Review went digital it was carrying a series of my essays on New York City and State through the years. (Partway down the left side of the opening screen you’ll see the link

“Author Index”

click on my name and you’ll find the all essays listed for previous years).

I’ve resumed putting this series out around once a month.

Right now they’ll continue on my Eagles Byte blog

since they deal with eastern New York, Long Island, and New York City.

The first was just posted there on this date.

When the focus changes to the part of the state west of Syracuse I’ll switch them back over here to the Crooked Lake Review blog.


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Nonoy said...

New York is my dream destination. Apart from the fact that it's the city that never sleeps, as Sinatra sings, it's the city of opportunities. I wish I can go to New York someday.