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Jan 27

The First Presbyterian Church of Marcellus is organized.

Feb 6

Rochester businessman Hiram Sibley is born in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Feb 20

The Onondaga County town of Cicero is formed from the town of Lysander.

Mar 2

The U. S. Senate authorizes Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin to begin planning for roads, canals, and other internal improvements.

Mar 3

The Gilbert family settles the future Childs, New York, in Genesee (later Orleans) County.

Mar 23

Rochester businessman-politician Amon Bronson is born in Scipio.

May 30

New York acquires the deserted reminder of the Cayuga Nation reservation for $4,800.

Jul 2

Allegany County courts begin sitting, at Angelica.


A broke James Wadsworth scrapes together enough money this month and next to pay $200 to a creditor. ** Indebted freight hauler Jesse Hawley surrenders to authorities, spends the next twenty months in debtors' prison in Canandaigua.

Sep 14

John Jacob Astor’s daughter Magdalen marries former St. Croix governor Adrian Bentzon, a Dane. The couple will live at Richmond Hill, which Astor once leased to former governor and current U. S. vice-president George Clinton.

Oct 3

Surveyor William Peacock marries Alice Evans, daughter of Joseph and Ann Ellicott Evans.

Oct 27

Hawley writes the first of thirteen essays from jail for the Ontario Messenger under the name Hercules, proposing a canal across New York State.

Oct 30

Future general James Samuel Wadsworth is born in Geneseo to James and Naomi Wolcott Wadsworth.

Dec 19

Newfane settler James Van Horn marries Abigail Carpenter shortly after his first wife, Elizabeth, dies.


The first printing press in Genesee County. Elias Williams starts The Intelligencer, the first newspaper in the county. ** Samuel Gates pioneers Perry, erecting a cabin overlooking the inlet of Silver Lake. ** Construction begins on the Cayuga County courthouse at Auburn. ** Charles Harford builds a grist mill at the middle falls of the Genesee at Frankfort (later Rochester), the settlement's second mill. ** Daniel D. Tompkins is elected governor, serves to 1817. ** The approximate date the Starr Tavern at Williamsburgh burns down. Richardson’s Tavern is built diagonally across the square. It burns down sometime in the 1860s. ** 67 turnpike companies and 21 bridge companies have been chartered to build 3,000 miles of road, crossing twenty bridges, through the state, at a total capital investment of $5,500,000. 900 miles of turnpike are currently in operation. ** The approximate date Joseph Thompson of Peru, Massachusetts, builds a story-and-a-half trading post on the road to Braddock’s Bay in Monroe County. His Massachusetts partner David Tuttle sends supplies and trade goods to Thompson. ** Holt and Robbins’ Herkimer Farmer’s Monitor ceases publication. ** The approximate date Benjamin Corey begins publishing the Herkimer Pelican. ** The Cayuga, having sold their lands, move west to join the Ohio Mingo (Seneca of Sandusky). ** Construction begins on a school at Swan and Pearl streets in Buffalo, the village's first. ** Vernon, Vermont, native Martha Howe arrives in Prattsburgh with her widowed mother, to settle. ** Colonel Wilhelmus Mynderse builds a second mill on the falls of the Seneca River. ** Isaac Sherwood opens a stagecoach stop at Skaneateles. ** The Triangle Tract and additional land is taken off Northhampton, forming the Town of Murray. ** The approximate date New Jersey native James Van Horn buys 673 acres south of Lake Ontario, the future Newfane, from the Holland Land Company. ** Joseph Thomson of Peru, Massachusetts, opens a tavern in the future Riga. His partner, David Tuttle, stays behind minding another store. ** A son, Lynham, is born to Yates County pioneers John and Catherine Beddoe. Beddoe has a second, larger house, of hewn logs, built by Benjamin Durham. ** A log meeting house is built at Gorham on land donated by the Cayward family. ** Nathaniel Poole and Walter Palmer are the first settlers to arrive in the Sweden area. Later in the year four other families arrive. ** The state has 121,289 eligible voters. ** Aurelius store and tavern keeper John Harris is elected to the Tenth Congress. ** Bergen doctor Levi Ward moves to Le Roy.


The Baroness Hyde de Neuville sketches the village. ** Cattle drover Benjamin Barton move to Lewiston.


The first church in Monroe County is built here. ** Glover Perrin opens an inn on the future Monroe Avenue, later the site of the Phoenix Building. ** Stephen Lusk moves his family from Penfield to Pittsford, starts a home, farm and tannery at an intersection known as The Milepost.


The former grist mill of Colonel Josiah Fish is destroyed by fire, possibly the result of lightning.

Steuben County

The board of supervisors forms its first standing committee, to examine the county treasurer's accounts. ** The county grants $2,000.02 for towns to pay for bridges, including those at Canisteo and Dansville. ** A bounty of $5 each is offered on wolves and panthers.

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