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Maybe you’ve sung about that four-legged equine named Sal; maybe you’ve wondered how that giant structure on a canal - that looks like a guillotine –operates. Or maybe you’ve navigated the entire New York State Barge Canal System. Whichever category you fall into you’ll find much more of interest as you study canals around the world. And you’re in luck - one of the premiere annual events in west/central New York State is less than a month away.

Virtual canal experiences await. Travel along the original Clinton’s Ditch s well as today's Barge Canal System, exploring the various aqueducts. Learn of the many preservation challenges facing waterway fans today. Follow the travels of three generations of a Barge Canal family. Cross our border to the north to explore Ontario’s Desjardins and Burlington canals. Cross the Atlantic to barge across Southern Germany.

You’ll also learn of this year’s upcoming CSNYS field trips to the Champlain Canal system and to the canals of Western Wayne County here in New York.

All these and various other canal-related programs will be part of the Canal Society of New York State’s daylong 2011 Winter Symposium, to be held March fifth at the Monroe Community College campus in Rochester, New York.

CSNYS membership is not a requirement to attend (we will, however, welcome those who decide they’re having such a grand experience and want to become members).

On-site registration cost is $50 per person.

The $50 covers a continental breakfast, coffee break, lunch, parking and speaker fees.

A downloadable program can be found at the society’s website at:

Rochester area map at:

MCC Campus map at:

Parking will be in Lot M, behind the Warshof Conference Center, site of the conference.

Enter the lobby at the northeast corner of Building 3.

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