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Mar 3

Congress declares Buffalo an official port of entry.

Mar 4

Thomas Jefferson begins his second term as President, makes his inaugural address. He announces a budget surplus which he proposes be used by the state for internal improvements. New York State governor George Clinton becomes vice-president.

May 30

Sir William Johnstone Pulteney, absentee owner of upstate New York State lands, dies intestate at Bath House, Piccadilly, London, at the age of 75.

Jul 8

Speaker of the Massachusetts legislature Timothy Bigelow, accompanied by four friends, sets out from Boston to visit Niagara Falls.

Jul 23

The Bigelow party arrives at Niagara, visit the falls.

Sep 13

Harriet Wadsworth is born to James and Naomi Walcott Wadsworth in Geneseo, their first child.


Quaker missionary Robert Sutcliff returns from Niagara Falls, stopping at Vandeventer's Tavern in Batavia, Ganson's Tavern on the Oatka (future Le Roy), Hall's Tavern in Bloomfield, Taylor's Hotel in Canandaigua, and Powell's and Knight's taverns in the Geneva area.

Dec 23

Mormonism founder Joseph Smith is born in Sharon, Vermont, to Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith.


The approximate date the town of West Pulteney (Riga) is settled. ** Scottish highlanders begin moving into the Phelps and Gorham Tract. ** The Caledonia Presbyterian Kirk is founded. ** Joseph Ellicott lays out the Iroquois/Mohawk Trail from Batavia to Leicester. The village of Pavilion is settled, where the road from Warsaw to Le Roy crosses. ** Josiah Kellogg builds a clothing mill on Irondequoit Creek in Penfield. Landowner Daniel Penfield builds a soap factory and ashery on the creek. ** Abel Eaton builds a tavern on Landing Road, to serve those unable to make it to the Oringh Stone tavern further along the road on the future East Avenue of Rochester.

Steuben County

The board of supervisors makes their first vote by ballot, to designate official political newspapers. The parties will do so later. ** The Corningboard agrees to allow the local Masonic lodge to use the second floor of the court house if they will make any necessary repairs. ** Connecticut pioneer Samuel B. Rice settles the town of Troupsburgh.


Lawyer and former Army captain Philip Church marries Anna Stewart. Bishop White officiates. The couple will soon leave for New York's southern tier.

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