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Mar 30

Genesee County is formed from Ontario and Steuben counties and its first elections are held. In later years the counties of Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Wyoming, Livingston, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany will be created out of the new county. Four towns – Batavia, Northampton, Southampton and Leicester - are formed. ** The Cayuga County towns of Brutus, Cato, Owasco, and Jefferson (now named Mentz) are split off of the town of Aurelius.

Jul 21

James Brisbane becomes Batavia's first postmaster.


The town of Southampton is formed out of Northampton to form the village of Caledonia. ** Captain Philip Church pioneers Allegany County's Angelica, naming it after his mother. ** Lucius Carey sells the Geneva Gazette and Genesee Advertiser to a company of Canandaigua federalists, who employ John K. Gould as editor of the new paper. ** Colonel James McMahan pioneers Westfield, the first settlement in Chautauqua County. ** Virginia native Robert Selden Rose moves to central New York State. ** Joseph Ellicott warns Holland Land Company General Agent Paolo Busti that if the land around New Amsterdam (Buffalo) is not opened to development quickly, the state will beat them to the punch by opening the Mile Strip and establishing a town there. He's given permission to survey the company's land and sell lots. ** Connecticut agent General Paine opens a wagon road from Buffalo to Chautauqua Creek, to ease travel to Ohio's Connecticut Reserve lands. ** Vermonters William Barber, John Tolles and Jacob Wright settle the Genesee (later Wyoming) County town of Bennington. ** Painter John Vanderlyn visits the falls of the Genesee. ** Urged by Sir William Pulteney, anxious to liquidate his New York holdings, an inventory is made appraising the One-Hundred-Acre mill site on the Genesee at $1,040.27. ** James Hutchinson of Connecticut settles the Onondaga Hill area west of today's Syracuse. ** The first Broome County Courthouse is built, in Binghamton. ** Elmira's Baptist Burying Ground (Wisner Burial Ground) opens. ** Northampton elects Le Royan Richard M. Stoddard a commissioner of highways and Batavian Isaac Sutherland a constable. The following pathmasters are also elected: Abel Rowe (Greece); Asa Utley (Scottsville); Daniel Buell (Le Roy); James McNaughton (Caledonia); Ezekial Lane (Buffalo), Joseph Howell (Niagara Falls); and Lemuel Cooke (Lewiston). ** Future ornithologist Alexander Wilson teaches school in Seneca Falls. ** Construction begins on an east-west Military Road across the northern section of western New York, from Le Roy to Fort Niagara. ** David Morse buys Keuka Lake farmland next to that of his cousin John Beddoe, from him. ** Fitzhugh, Carroll, and Rochester visit the Genesee Valley a third time, purchase land there at the Falls of the Genesee (the future Rochester) from Pulteney, for $1759. ** Scottish immigrant Matthew McNair arrives in Oswego where he will become a shipping forwarder. He will die in 1862, the oldest inhabitant, at the age of 88.


Holland Land Company field agent Joseph Ellicott replaces his log field office with a frame structure. Sales are hampered by the inconvenience of having the county seat at Canandaigua, and by prohibitive taxes. ** Complying with the Holland Land Company's act of organization, Joseph Ellicott sets aside one acre of land for a county seat. Besides Ellicott as First Judge, other company officers are District Attorney Daniel D. Brown, Company Clerk James W. Stevens, Sheriff Richard M. Stoddard, and Surrogate Jeremiah R. Manson. The first county courthouse west of the Genesee River is completed, located in the same one-story building as a tavern, at the site.


Twice-monthly postal service begins, delivering mail as far away as Batavia. ** Avon lawyer George Hosmer begins practicing. ** Land speculator Oliver Phelps settles down to retirement here.

Le Roy

Ganson's Tavern is built. ** The proprietors of the Triangle Tract widen the Indian path leading north out of Le Roy to Lake Ontario, the future Lake Road, to 64 feet.

Steuben County

The county treasurer is required to post its first official bond - $2,000. ** It is decided that the Board of Supervisors will be compensated for time spent on county work, at $3.00 per day. The total audited for the year is $89.69. ** The Pulteney land firm donates the land parcels on Bath's town square where the courthouse and jail are located, to the county.

London, England

The family of eight-year-old future New York State settler David Piffard moves From the Pentonville suburb to Paris.

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