Sunday, October 3, 2010


One Week from Today

2010 / 10-10

Regional History Fair

Sunday - October 10, 2010

11 am to 4 pm

Port of Rochester Terminal Building- Waterside Room

1000 North River Street, Rochester, NY 14612


~ 11:30 am - Susan J. Gateley, Charlotte - Sea Lilies to Cement Boats

~ 12:00 pm - Maureen Whalen - Sam Patch

~ 12:30 pm - Fred Amato - Lighthouses of Lake Ontario

~ 1:00 pm - Marie Poinan - Preserving Charlotte's History

~ 1:30 pm - Jack Kemp - Rochester Postcards

~ 2:00 pm - Lea Kemp - RMSC Stone Collection

~ 2:30 pm - Jerry Muhl - Cobourg Ferry

~ 3:00 pm - Rose O'Keefe - Historic Genesee Country


American Civil War Artillery Association, Susan B. Anthony House, Josh Canfield Postcards, Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society, Charlotte Village & Transportation Museum, City of Flowers Collection, Greece Historical Society, Herons Bend Productions, Kenneth Kelbaugh Antiques, NYS Canal Society, Rochester Museum & Science Center and Local History Division/Rochester Public Library and Andy Willoughby aka Chord Teacher


Linda Bartash, Susan J. Gateley & Rose O'Keefe,

~ FREE admission and FREE parking ~

Food is available at the terminal restaurants

Sponsored by the City of Rochester and the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee

Your hosts....The Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society & Charlotte Village and Transportation Museum

~ Proceeds benefit the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee ~

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Padraic Mac Aodhagain said...

Too bad I can't make this as I would have liked to hear about the Coburgh ferry. Although I never rode on the ferry across the lake I do recall seeing it on the river at Charlotte when I was young.