Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Four Days from Today

12:30 pm - Fred Amato - Lighthouses of Lake Ontario

1:00 pm - Marie Poinan - Preserving Charlotte's History

(See 10/03 post below for History Fair details)

Fred Amato

Former Monroe County legislator and president of the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society

Marie Poinan

Marie Poinan is the Director of Programming for the new Charlotte Village and Transportation Museum, opening later this year at 4431 Lake Avenue. The museum collects and preserves the history of Charlotte, maintains a genealogical database of its historic families and operates a Visitor Center/museum displaying the history of the old Village.

Until the Spring of 2010, Marie served on the Board of Directors for the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society and editor of their BEACON newsletter.

She also served as editor for ten years for Discover the Harbor District magazine. Her interest in local history comes from her work with Bill Davis and she helped to design the signage for the scenic overlook at the site of the old Stutson Street Bridge. A previous gift shop owner, she is currently active in the Charlotte Community Association and the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee.

In October 2009, she authored the book Fire and Flames, is a history of firefighting in the Village of Charlotte and a chronicle of the renovation of the Hose 22 firehouse. She is working on a new local history book to be released in early 2011.

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