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Seth Pease leaves the Holland Land Office survey team.

Jan 1

Buffalo architect Lewis Falley Allen, an uncle of Grover Cleveland, is born in

Westfield, Massachusetts.

Jan 7

U. S. President Millard Fillmore is born in Summerhill.


Naples' First Presbyterian Church is organized.

Feb 4

John P. Fish is born to Josiah Fish and his second wife in Ebenezer Allan's old mill at the Falls of the Genesee, the first known white child born within the city limits of today's Rochester.

Apr 1

The Old Line Mail coach company is incorporated, with a capital stock of $110,000. It will run from Albany to Buffalo.

May 1

New York primary polls close. Burr and the Republicans sweep the state.

Jun 27

Charles Williamson and his adjutant Moses van Campen inspect his New York State Militia battalion at Bath on this day, the 28th and the 30th.


English traveler John Maude comes to New Hartford (early Avon) from Canandaigua, dines at Mrs. Berry's tavern. He moves on up the Genesee River to Stafer's (Scaheffer's) farm, near the future Geneseo, stays overnight.

Aug 18

A forty-ton schooner departs from Genesee Landing for Kingston, Ontario, carrying a cargo of potash from Canandaigua, sent via Irondequoit Bay.

Aug 19

Maude travels down the Genesee to visit the series of waterfalls. His horse slips while crossing Black Creek on a rickety pole bridge, but neither is hurt. He settles in at Genesee Landing, about four miles above Lake Ontario. Accompanied by local resident Josiah Fish he crosses the Deep Hollow on a bridge built by Fish and his neighbors. Maude visits the Falls of the Genesee, which he sketches, comments on the poor situation and condition of the mills. He mentions plans by current mill owner Charles Williamson to make improvements.

Sep 11

Binghamton lawyer and U. S. Attorney General Daniel Stevens Dickinson is born in Goshen, Connecticut, to Daniel T. and Mary Caulkins Dickisnon.


Batavia's Holland Land Company surveyor Joseph Ellicott completes the two-and-a-half-year survey of their holdings, at a total cost of $70,291.69.


Paolo Busti is named General Agent of the Holland Land Company and hires surveyor Joseph Ellicott as Land Agent.


Joseph Ellicott arrives on the site of the future Buffalo to begin operations.

Dec 3

Aaron Burr carries New York. Jefferson and Burr are elected President and Vice-President of the U. S.

Dec 5

Arabella Granger is born to Eli Granger and his wife at King's Landing, the first known white girl born within limits of today's Rochester.

Dec 13

Charles Williamson has the Pulteney lands ready to transfer back to the associates as soon as he receives $275,000 from them. The associates have invested $1,300,000 in the Genesee Valley area.


The population reaches 589,051, fewer than 100 in the western part of the state. ** Charles Williamson is named as a state representative for the third year in a row. ** James Wadsworth sells Genesee Valley land to the painter Benjamin West. ** The first printing press in Tioga County. ** Onondaga County area's white population is eight people per square mile. ** Eben Eaton begins publishing the short-lived Impartial Observer and Seneca Museum. ** The cow belonging to the recently widowed Mrs. William Wickham, wife of the Hector pioneer, is killed by a falling tree. ** Hagerstown, Maryland, businessman Colonel Nathaniel Rochester visits western New York, along with Colonel W. Fitzhugh and Major Charles Carroll, guided by Charles Williamson. Fitzhugh and Carroll purchase land from Williamson in the Mount Morris area, while Rochester buys a mill at Dannsville from David Sholl. ** A bridge is built across the northern end of Cayuga Lake by Charles Williamson and some associates, organized as the Bayard Company. ** Eli Lyon builds a flour mill on Irondequoit Creek for Daniel Penfield. Abram Bronson builds a triphammer nearby. ** The Steuben County board of supervisors does not meet, for this one year only. ** Major Isaac Smith opens an inn halfway between Caledonia and the Genesee River. ** Sir William Pulteney, worried by expenses occurred by Charles Williamson, refuses to honor further drafts for money and requests the land agent withdraw, dividing the holdings among himself, and associates William Hornby and Patrick Colquhoun. ** The first settlement in the Steuben County town of Avoca is made by Michael Buchanan. ** The total amount spent for improvements at Williamson's Mile Point house is $11,625.43. ** The approximate date the Wayne County town of Walworth is settled. ** A road is opened westward out of East Mendon. ** The approximate date Joseph Ellicott builds a house on the north side of Main Street in Batavia. ** The Reverend John Lindsley, a Reformed Protestant Dutch preacher, becomes the first minister in the Seneca County Town of Ovid. ** The approximate date a house is built by Augustus Porter at North Main Street and Scotland Road in Canandaigua. ** A Baptist Church is founded in Cheshire. ** The Town of Northampton chooses four path-masters, from Le Roy, Stafford, Durham's Grove, Clarence Hollow and Buffalo. There are fewer than 150 residents on the tax rolls of collector Peter Sheffer. A resolution is passed calling for a division of the town. ** Future Utica minister James Carnahan graduates from the College of New Jersey (Princeton). ** Roads are laid out from Irondequoit Landing and from Tryon Town to the Genesee River, via the future East Avenue. ** The road between Canandaigua and Batavia becomes a toll road, the Ontario and Genesee Turnpike Road. ** Oxford Academy in the Military Tract (Onondaga County, later Chenango County) is given Lot 25. ** The Monroe County community of Northfield has 414 residents, including 135 adults. ** Senator Gouverneur Morris suggests the construction of a canal across New York State, from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. ** Caleb and Dorothea Hopkins move from Penfield to Stonetown (Pittsford).

Cayuga County

William Stevens of Massachusetts becomes the first settler in Brutus. ** Samson Lawrence begins a settlement that will become Cato. George Snyder of Schoharie County and Israel Wolverton from Tompkins County become the first settlers in the town of Conquest.

New York City

Daniel Penfield engages James Smedley to lay out a town and roads east of the Genesee River – the future Penfield.


The sawmill on the Genesee is washed out by a spring flood. ** Future tavern keeper Abel Eaton and his brother Stephen arrive in the Allens Creek area from Hartford, Connecticut.

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