Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Society August Trip

Planned by Richard Reisem

editors' note:

The group has no official "membership" - newcomers are always welcome

please e-mail Martha Johnstone at with your RSVPs



The farmhouse was built in 1820 and lived in by Amos Buckland, one of

four brothers who were early settlers in Brighton. The house is built

of Brighton brick manufactured by the Buckland family. Our tour guide

is Mary Jo Lanphear, who is the Brighton historian. She will tell us

the interesting history of the house, the Buckland family, and their

contributions to the fascinating history of the Town of Brighton. The

gardens were planned and are maintained by the town and Allens Creek

Garden Club. The tour will take approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

After lunch, if the weather is nice, Richard Reisem will offer a

brief tour of the south section of Mount Hope Cemetery, which is

directly across the street from the Elmwood Inn. The tour will focus

on famous artists buried in Mount Hope and the sculptural works of

famous artists, which will include an enormous Art Deco monument

designed by Tiffany Studios, the Gannett monument designed by

Fletcher Steele, the William Warfield monument with engraving of

Showboat, the fine calligraphy of a famous penman, the artistic

versatility of the Noah Corning family, and the gravesite of the man

who became the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, in Kurt Vonnegut's

Slaughterhouse Five. The walking tour will be about an hour.

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