Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Changing Lake

On March 25th [corrected date] author and sailor Susan Peterson Gateley will present a program on
recent changes in Lake Ontario history, a mystery, buried treasure tales and
how they are shaping the lake and our lives today - at the Ontario public
library. This illustrated talk will interest lake watchers, beach combers,
boaters and others with an interest in our great lake. During a illustrated
'virtual voyage' around the lake, Skipper Sue will share
observations and information on the lake and some of the major changes she has observed here during 40 years of sailing its waters and exploring its shoreline. Some of those changes are for the better, and some, for those who drink from a public water supply, not so much so. Nearly all the changes in the lake have the potential to eventually impact our own well-being considerably.

The talk is based on Peterson Gateley's most recent book "Twinkle Toes and the
Riddle of the Lake", published in 2009. She has written a half dozen books on
Lake Ontario's beaches, maritime heritage, and its ecology. She 'discovered'
Lake Ontario as child, but found her perspective on its importance to the area
greatly broadened after she began single-handing a 23 foot wooden sloop around
the lake.

Find out how a comet might have sunk the schooner Annandale, learn about a
possible a French treasure chest on Main Duck Island and other Lake Ontario
mysteries and recent changes as seen by Twinkle Toes the cat, in this program
at 7 pm at the public library in Ontario.

Ontario Public Library
1850 Ridge Road / Ontario, NY 14519
Phone: 315-524-8381 / Fax 315-524-5838

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