Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1882 - Raised Barge Reaches Oswego

Oswego Morning Press
Sat. Aug 12, 1882

The Barge Kingsford in Port

The steam barge Thomson Kingsford, which was sunk by a collision
with the Saxon, on the Bay of Quinte, arrived in port yesterday. The
damage was temporarily repaired by a diver, she was pumped out and
steamed here. The cargo was taken off yesterday afternoon, and she
will go on Goble and Macfarlane's this morning. Captain McCarthy's
statement as to how the accident occurred, differs somewhat from
Capt. Van Alstyne's. He says the night was not dark, and that the
side on which the Kingsford was damaged proves that she was in her
proper position.

Submitted by Dick Palmer

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