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Oswego Times & Journal
January 2, 1855

The propeller St. Nicholas, Capt. Williams, arrived in this port yesterday from Toronto with 3,020 barrels of flour, consigned to Messrs. Clemow & Bloore. The flour goes through
to New York by Railroad.

Oswego Daily Palladium
Sat., January 13, 1855

An Important Fact. - The Propeller St. Nicholas arrived at this port yesterday with
3,013 barrels of flour from Toronto, consigned to Clemow & Bloore, for New York or Boston.
The Toronto House refuse to allow flour to go over the Hudson River Road, and wish
it go go east via the Binghamton road. As the Oswego and Syracuse road have an arrangement
with the Central, they decline, we are informed, to take the flour to the Binghamton road.
Under these circumstances the flour, we are told by the consignees, will be sent to Cape Vincent.
The Propeller was to leave last night at 12 o'clock.

Oswego Daily Palladium
Tues., Feb. 13, 1855

The Propeller St. Nicholas, Capt. William Williams, arrived at this port yesterday morning,
from Toronto with 3,060 barrels of flour. She left Toronto on Sunday afternoon.
The Captain says he met with no serious obstructions from ice, except in the neighborhood
of Genesee.

Oswego Times & Journal
Tues., Feb. 13, 1855

The weather is now fine, and ideas and indications begin to turn towards the opening of navigation
and commencement of another business season. The cargo of flour which arrived yesterday by the
St. Nicholas was from Port Credit, above Toronto. During the late unexampled cold weather the river
froze across between Cayuga and Van Buren streets, but vessels can now enter the lower
harbor without difficulty.

Oswego Times & Journal
Thurs., Feb. 15, 1855

We understand the St. Nicholas' cargo of flour is going through to Boston by the
Oswego and Central line, confirming what we have before stated, that the Canadians
will not ship by the Central and Hudson River Roads on account of the excessive cost
transshipment at New York by this route.

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