Saturday, January 23, 2010

Museum Thief

To Whom It May Concern

Apparently earlier this week the Big Springs Historical Society in Caledonia was "hit" by a thief again. I don't have a description of all that was taken and photos of the items. Some of that will be available later today I think. But I thought it best to get out information on the way the theft was conducted as soon as possible as the thief may still be working some of the museums in the area.

A single white male came into the museum, where there was only a single docent working. He had a story of a lost dog and a flyer to match the loss. While he was there he asked if he could look around. The museum is two floors. While he was on the second floor, alone, he cut the lock off one or more of the cases and took several items. The only item I know far...was a Nazi helmet and a Civil War era surgeon's kit. We may have more details and perhaps photos to send around later.

Be aware if you are connected to a small museum that this is going on. From what I am told it is not wise to try to stop the person yourself. However, be a good witness. If someone like this comes in, while they are touring call your local police agency. Try to remember a good description of the individual that will help police, glasses, beard/clean shaven, perhaps a tattoo, the color and logos that might be on their clothing...and best of all a car license number.

Here is the statement from the museum.

On Sunday afternoon this past weekend, the Big Springs Museum in Caledonia (20 miles southwest of Rochester) was the victim of a theft which was discovered last night. The museum was robbed while staffed, of several military objects including a Civil War Era surgical Kit (Wade and Ford Set C 1861), a Nazi helmet, several WWII era medals, and two Hitler Youth knives. We are trying to locate photographs to share.

The perpetrator distracted our docent. The objects were in locked cases, and the locks were cut.

Please be on the alert for this type of event in your museum.

Thank you.

Jean Guthrie, Big Springs Museum

Les Buell

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