Thursday, December 10, 2009

Request for Information

Received the following request from a CLRblog viewer -

I read in your article about Roseland Park by Richard Palmer that there is a video of the last day of Roseland Park’s (Canandaigua) operations. I tried to find a telephone listing for WEX Studio at 58 Wex Avenue or Timothy Wagner but without success. Can you help?

I can find nothing online; it looks like the WEX Studio no longer exists. Mr. Palmer didn't have any further information. If anyone reading this knows where a copy of the video might be found or viewed you can e-mail me at
and I'll get in touch with the person who queried us.



Teri Smith said...

I would love a copy of that video, me and 2 of my girlfriends are in that video.We were asked to be extra's and were there until 2:00am shooting it !!

David Minor said...


I'm afraid we never received any further information on the whereabouts of the video. Unless someone looking at the comment can provide further information your best bet might be an eBay query or some other blog that might center around the Finger Lakes region.

Good luck on your quest.