Wednesday, September 23, 2009


From: Rex Stewart

Conversation: Steamboats IROQUOIS and MOHAWK/ FRONTENAC jpegs

To Whom It May Concern:

Good Afternoon.

I recently came upon your website and was excited about its contents relative to the steamboat era of Cayuga Lake.

Some months ago I built a model of FRONTENAC which I'm enclosing jpegs.

I am a professional modelmaker that specializes, in part, building 19th and early 20th century steamboats; especially the walking beam sidewheeler types. However, I have had commissions for the screw-propeller as well. To this end, I'm interested in locating photos of the steamboats IROQUOIS and MOHAWK as future builds.

If you or your staff can direct me to the source this would greatly be appreciated. To view other steamboats I produced please visit my website at .

Thank you for taking time to review. Hopefully I will receive some information from this query. Again, many thanks.


Rex Stewart

[[ You can pass along information either to myself -
or to Mr. Stewart at his e-mail address -
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