Thursday, April 16, 2009

Western / Central New York timeline / 1700-1709

A Colonel Romer arrives in Iroquois country, and is instructed to view the “burning spring” near Bristol.

May 13
Robert Livingston writes to the Board of Trade in London, praising the Iroquois Nations for their friendly relations with the colony.

New York State adopts a policy of neutrality toward the Canadian French. ** Royal governor Richard Coote, Earl of Bellomont, dies suddenly. ** The Five Nations’ treaty with the French in Canada and renewal of the Covenant Chain with the English in Albany, preserves the tribes’ independence - The Grand Settlement.

Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, a cousin of Queen Anne, begins serving as royal governor in New York, replacing the late Lord Bellomont.

Jesuit missionary Julien Garnier returns from Canada to live for a while with the Seneca again. ** A short road is built at the portage or Great Carrying Place, between Wood Creek and the Mohawk River.

Former Jesuit missionary to the Seneca Julien Garnier dies in Québec at the age of 87.

Future New York governor Robert Hunter is appointed governor of Virginia. On the way to the colonies he's captured by a French privateer and brought back to Europe.

A bell is cast in Malaga. It will one day be placed in the steeple of the Episcopal Church in Ellicottville.

May 5
Royal governor Lord John Lovelace dies, to be replaced by Richard Ingoldsby.

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