Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canal Items from the Wayne Sentinel - 1833

Submitted by Richard Palmer

Wednesday March 13, 1833


Collectors of Canal Tolls appointed by
the Canal Board for the year 1833:

Chauncey Humphrey / Albany
Abijah Wheeler / West Troy
James Myers / Schenactady
Sanders Landing / Little Falls
Thomas M. Francis / Utica
Bela B. Hyde / Rome
Benjamin F. Colvin / Syracuse
Wm. H. Noble / Montezuma
John Adams / Lyons
Philip Grandin / Palmyra
John Bowman / Rochester
Seth L. King / Brockport
Cephas S. McConnell / Albion
Asa W. Douglass / Lockport
Zenas W. Barker / Buffalo

Wednesday April 24, 1833

The Erie Canal is now open and navigable through its whole extent.
The prospects for active and profitable business during the season,
are flattering to all classes of our citizens; and nothing is wanted
but industry and perseverance to warrant rich returns to their
labors. The business on the canals will probably be somewhat
pressing, till the merchants have supplied themselves with their
spring goods.- The activity and enterprise of the inhabitants of the
villages on the canal in Western New York, are highly complimentary
to American character and perhaps there is not where to be found a
more liberal and intelligent spirit, than characterizes them.
Possessing all the facilities for pecuniary and intellectual
aggrandizement, which a country unequaled in natural resources can
furnish, they will one day be the richest and happiest people in the
world, and surpassed by none in generous and honorable sentiments.

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