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Western/Central New York timeline - 1650-1659

The approximate date the remaining Neutral Indians on the Niagara frontier are captured and adopted by the Seneca.

Nov 3
The Iroquois sign a general peace with the French at Montréal.

Jesuit missionary Father Le Moyne comes to Onondaga with a party of Huron and Onondaga chiefs, as an envoy to ratify the peace treaty with the French.

The Cat Nation (Eries) send 30 ambassadors to New York’s Senecas to renew peace. An Erie accidentally kills a Seneca during a lacrosse game. The Senecas kill 25 of the ambassadors; 5 escape. The Erie burn a Seneca village. They ambush the rear guard of a Iroquois war party, killing 80 of the Indians. Erie scouts capture the Iroquois leader Annencraos, murder him. The Iroquois will raise 1800 warriors, surround the Erie fortress of Rique (Rigue), overcome 3-4,000 warriors and take the fort.

The approximate date the Seneca establish a town in an area known as the Dann-Mack site. today in Mendon township, probably abandoning the site by 1670 and moving on to found Totiakton (Rochester Junction). ** The approximate date a French settlement in the future Onondaga County area is abandoned. ** The final Neutral and Erie tribes are driven out of the Niagara Peninsula by the Iroquois.

Jul 11
A party of 50 French workers arrive at Onondaga Lake, along with four Jesuits, lead by Father Claude Dablon, to establish a mission, which will be named Sainte Marie Gannentaha.

The last 600 Erie surrender to the Iroquois.

Father Pierre-Joseph-Marie Chaumonot visits the Senecas at Boughton Hill (Ganagarro).

Mar 20
The French outpost of Sainte Marie de Gannenhata, on Onondaga Lake, is abandoned.

Settlers from Onondaga Lake, fearing an imminent Indian attack, flee, pausing to bury gold and cannon on Stowell (Treasure) Island, in the Oswego River.

The Iroquois, backed first by the Dutch, then the English, begin nine years of devastating warfare against the French.

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