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Western / Central New York timeline - BC

B. C. dates extremely approximate

420,000,000 B. C.
The Niagara Escarpment is formed.

400,000,000 B. C (Late Silurian)
The Salina Group of shale and dolomite (dolostone), containing thick deposits of salt and gypsum several miles wide stretching between the future Albany and Buffalo, is laid down.

200,000,000 B. C.
Part of the ocean bottom is uplifted to form New York’s Finger Lake region as lakes in the central part of the future state begin draining to the south.

100,000,000 B. C.
A second uplift in the New York region forms the valleys of the Cayuga and Seneca rivers.

16,000 B. C.
A global warming trend begins. The glacier recedes in the southern tier to the Angelica area and remains stationary, depositing the Angelica Moraine and impounding Lake Wellsville. The lake extends southward for 13 miles, draining by way of Honeoye and Oswayo creeks into the Allegheny River.

13,500 B. C.
New York
The glacier at Angelica begins receding, depositing a moraine, exposing Black Creek Valley and lowering Lake Wellsville 80 feet to form Lake Belfast-Fillmore.

13,000 B. C.
Niagara Falls is created as the glaciers retreat north and Lake Tonawanda’s waters pool up at its western end.

12,000 B. C.
New York
The Genesee Valley glacier ice recedes to the Portageville area.

10,000 B. C.
The Wisconsinian glacier retreats from the central part of the state.

9,000 B. C.
The first humans, Paleo-Indians, arrive in the Genesee Valley. ** The Seneca River
begins flowing over the Onondaga Escarpment , forming rapids and waterfalls.

4,000 B. C.
The Algonquin Indians migrating from Asia, reach the New York State area.

2,000 B. C.
 The Middle Woodland culture reaches the area, as the migratory hunter-gatherer Lamoka people fade away.

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